Caribbean Accents is online community communication blog whereby viewers can get access to various articles on happenings around the Caribbean. Articles are written by Caribbean nationals who currently live in the Caribbean or have migrated to other territories but still maintain their Caribbean roots. The founders are Khari Williams and Philmore Walker who both met while studying at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. Khari currently lives and works in the District of Columbia. Their vision, in starting Caribbean Accents was to find a unique method to get the Caribbean talking.

Many Caribbean migrants have no idea what is happening in their home country because the media houses focus on major issues facing that area and any mention of the Caribbean may be something with a negative tone such a crime or a natural disaster. If there is a major hurricane in Jamaica for example, when you look at the Weather Channel for example, you are only seeing a 2 minute coverage every hour. Caribbean Accents will have up to the minute news articles on news items including topics such as sports, travel, religion, world affairs, politics, film/music reviews, personal finance, family, technology, women’s issues, video game and literature reviews. It will focus on what Caribbean people are feeling and expressing in their every day language.

Caribbean Accents will also promote integration between Caribbean territories.  Meeting at the UWI, Khari and Philmore got acquainted with several other students from different Caribbean countries.  This integration of knowledge, led them to understand the impact their nation had and how other nations could positively impact their own when ideas were shared and expressed.  The little Caribbean islands all could make a significant impact on the world but the conversations between the countries needed a medium.  Caribbean Accents is this medium.