Help Tracy


There are moments when a story becomes more than just an act of journalism. It strikes a powerful chord at the core of all who read it when you realize, this could just as easily have been you. The story of Tracy Logan and her plight is one such story and deserves the kind of spotlight that only our undivided attention can provide.

Tracy is a vibrant and cheerful young woman. She has always been a hard worker and never one to back down from a challenge. In 2008 while completing her masters, she started a company, and also gained fulltime employment, at this time she was also serving on the board of a national committee and even started learning Spanish. In 2009 she was diagnosed with Neuromyelitis Optica, an autoimmune disease, which caused her to lose her sight and motor function effectively causing her to become a blind quadriplegic. This effectively put all her activities on hold. She was unable to perform basic daily tasks or even to scratch an itch. Despite her doctors expecting her to only live a few weeks, being resilient, Tracy has been working hard on improving her motor function and has gone from being bedridden to being able to brush her teeth, feed herself and has graduated from a wheelchair to using a walker. She is now able to go short distances with the aid of her walker. She is still hopeful she will regain her sight. She has remained hopeful and is even a source of comfort and reassurance to her friends and family.

The problem, however, is that Tracy is in need of assistance in battling her illness. She needs donations to cover her burgeoning medical expenses. If you feel that you are capable of helping in this regard. Go on over to and donate. It’s for a very worthy cause.


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