Why You Should Get In Shape During The Holidays

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With the Christmas party and holiday season fast approaching, many people are winding down their fitness regimes to take a break, or turning up the intensity just so they can freely enjoy the festive season. After all, staying in shape is hard work, so why not enjoy the fruits of such efforts with some much needed rest.

For others however, the story is not quite the same. Perhaps they never had an interest or they have been toying with the idea of getting fit for a long time, but today, decide that they want to get started. They may ask the question “should I wait until after the holidays to start a fitness program or can I get started now?” That’s a great question. My response to it is “Yes, start now!”

If you are even remotely interested in getting in shape and improving your health, it doesn’t matter when you start, so long as you start, and now is as good a time as any. In doing so however, the key is to have a measurable goal, write it down, create a plan with a timeline, enlist some support and take action. But even with a plan, some may reason that the holiday closures, parties and food laden functions common throughout the festive season, make starting in the new year most feasible. Truth? It is, if getting in shape and healthy is not a priority or immediate concern, and that is perfectly ok. Start when you are ready. But for those who really want to get fit, improve their health and overall wellness, then there are distinct advantages to starting that fitness program before the holidays.

  1. You Can Check It Off Your ’To-Do List’. Make the start-a-fitness-program resolution you set at the start of this year, be one less thing you have to worry about going into the new year. Once checked off, you’ve accomplished something, and that can be a boost to self confidence and esteem to keep setting more goals and smashing them.
  2. Reduced Crowds In Gyms & Parks. Less People will be in the gym, at the track or on the walking trail allowing fewer interruptions and less congestion. This means more room to move, less waiting time between sets and the ability to go at the pace that gets you working effectively and efficiently and leaves you feeling accomplished.
  3. Enjoy Season Specials. Some gyms may offer higher discounts or special rates on membership just for the holiday period to lure newcomers. Its the perfect time to invest in yourself and take advantage. Consider it your Christmas gift-of-health to yourself.
  4. Easier to Get in With A Personal Trainer. Personal trainers may have more spots available, with other clients going on vacation (from the gym), traveling or contracts expiring. Its the perfect time to seek out a good trainer and get that personal attention you need to keep you on track and ahead of the game going into the new year.
  5. Reduces Your Stress. Helps you manage your stress during the holiday period. If you’ve got kids, a family or just a busy holiday season ahead, then a workout may be the perfect outlet for any stresses associated with trying to balance it all.
  6.  Learn Portion Control To Enjoy Small Indulgences. With the right support system in place, a fitness regimen is likely to come with a change in eating habits and relationship with food. By learning portion control and how to eat in moderation you can still enjoy small indulgences without the guilt or worry you will derail your efforts.

Regardless of your reasons for starting, there is no guarantee that you won’t make mistakes, or even want to quit. But if your goal is a strong enough one to motivate you into starting, then making a habit of getting up after each fall is what will sustain you and eventually get you the results you seek. Bottom line, any time is a good time. When that is, is entirely up to you.
Peace and Love


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