Chronixxally inclined

It has been a while since an artiste has so emotionally moved me that I feel compelled to write about his plausible impact and significance. It started innocently enough with a mention of a possible appearance of Chronixx on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a Jimmy Fallon fanboy but I felt somewhat heartened that he would take note of Jamaican talent on his show. I took cursory note of when it was supposed to happen and life cheerily went on with the occassional mention to friends and family that Chronixx would be making an appearance.

That moment of inception would invariably not rest quietly in a corner content to bide its time, however. It would breed a curiosity that the more it was fed would lead to and even more greedy consumption of the entire Chronixx discography and by extension the Reggae Revival movement.  From early works such as Beat and a Mic and Behind Curtain, youth takes a backseat to intellectual and individual maturity. The songs provide strong, moving lyrics coupled with syrupy, rhythmic reggae chords that massage something deep within you. With vocals reminiscent of other contemporaries such as Romain Virgo and Chris Martin, Chronixx separates himself from the crowd with a composition range that is evident on Warrior and Smile Jamaica. This kind of diversity and general appeal has created an adhesiveness to the Chronixx brand that is causing a groundswell that the media and myself are finding undeniable. Fallon’s ability to find this gem in the midst of everything else is applaudable and I give him kudos for stepping out on a limb with an act that is as close to being pop as John Legend is to being a curiosity. Most other major shows would opt to play it safe but Fallon continues to buck the norm by choosing substance over style.

By the time of the airing of the Tonight Show episode with Chronixx I had already taken to social media to register my endorsement of this rising star. I had become Chronixxally inclined. Even though he is far from being a recent phenomenon, I do believe that he has much further to go as long as he continues on the same path. My mother has always been one to endorse the adage, you can tell a man by the friends he keeps and by extension I am no different. If Protoje and Kabaka Pyramid are anything to go by, we have a lot more lyrical levity to look forward to.


A lot on the crazy side a little on the sane. Always willing to step up on the soap box and seemingly unwilling to get off. Yet still, I beg of you, don't judge me too harshly.