The lower the Standard, the Higher the Shorts

I am perturbed.

Not as a mother, although if I were I would be doubly perturbed.

I am perturbed as a woman seeing on television the big name starlets and women of influence dressing so provocatively for award events. Performances I understand, I mean, it is a show after all. I’m talking about those who are just someone in the audience, of course with the live television audience watching them and cameras everywhere.

What I mean to say is, in the name of fashion they have lowered the female dress code – period. [I’m no fashion expert or whatever, I’m just thinking out loud.] But it’s funny, I think, that over one side of the world we still have women covered from head to toe because it’s their culture, they have to do it. And we over here fought for freedom and voting rights so that we can wear our underwear on National television, again – not for performance but as a part of the audience?!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with embracing and expressing our feminine essence, and celebrating our bodies; I love it, I want to be sexy too. I want to wear that flesh coloured lace barely there dress too . . . but I don’t think I need to show EVERYBODY what I’m working with. I don’t need to wear a dangerously cut out dress so you know I’m not wearing any . . . you know what!

I can’t help but wonder if it is a need to get the attention of everyone. To know that all eyes are on them, that everybody ‘likes’ them when they dress like that. I think it’s a desperate cry for something. And I’m worried that that image is what the young girls are seeing and wanting to emulate. Not in talent or performance, but in how they dress, how they act, and how they are (because let’s face it, they live on TV for all the world to see).

I am worried when I walk through the streets of Kingston and see fifteen and sixteen year olds in skin-tight shorts with they ass hangin’ out, and a bra-sized top, on the roadside, just walking about. What kind of message is that likkle girl sending?! She looked like she knew what she was doing, going about some errand, but I mean . . . come on. Does nobody see anything wrong with that?! And I know she sees this kind of dress on the adults around her, who like her saw this on television, as something one can wear while going to the wholesale. No, it aint right!

Just the other day I saw a lady, a grown ass woman leaving this hotel in town (not on the north coast) in a white loose-fitting blouse (no problem so far, it was a nice white blouse, I would get me one), and a . . . I want to say ‘panty’ because that’s what we call it, but if you will . . . a high cut jean shorts that was cut so high up half her ass was hanging out . . . literally. If she had on a bikini bottom instead I wouldn’t have been as traumatized, in fact I would have preferred it. Does no one see something wrong with this?!

Am I of ‘the extinct’ who still think like that? That “modesty is best”?! I couldn’t help but clutch my proverbial pearls that hung about my neck.

Goodness, I now feel old. 🙁

I fear for my daughters, and my friends’ daughters, all the daughters that are to come, for they are in a world that demands and demeans at the same time, a world that glorifies the wrong and shames you for speaking the truth, a world without respect and morals. . . a sad bad place.

Hopefully the mothers of this day, who like myself are perturbed by the decaying standards of dress and immodest behaviour in women, and would take the time to raise their daughters to not just become adults but to become Women, respectable women, with the power to stand up for what is right, and to pass on their teachings to their daughters and so on, so that this world may become a little better, one woman at a time!

Char Lesie