The TBR Pile

Every bookworm has one: the To-Be-Read pile of books, the ones waiting patiently on shelves, night tables, desks, chairs and (lest we forget we are in the age of e-readers) Kindles, Kobos, Nooks and tablets.

I make the same resolution every time I look at that pile. I’m sure you do, too. How many times have you made it now? “I won’t buy/borrow any more books to read until I make a dent in what I already have.” And, similar to New Year’s fitness resolutions, it goes out the window faster than you can say “cheesecake.” To borrow a line from a friend on my fitness social network, my TBR pile hasn’t quite “started to mulch at the bottom,” but that might be only because I scrupulously rearrange it in a more suitable fashion at least once a month.

Currently, I am reading “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin, but recently I was in a thrift store and saw nearly all the books in a medieval mystery series on the bookshelf. A toonie (Canadian $2 coin) later, I am the proud owner of nine “Brother Cadfael” books by Peter Ellis. At the time, I was also reading the most recent Jo Nesbo “Harry Hole” novel to be released in English, “Police.” (“Hole” is pronounced “hoo-leh” by the way — it is Norwegian).

Speaking of Jo Nesbo, my liking for the rather dark Scandinavian murder mysteries leads me back across the North Channel to Scotland’s Tartan noir authors, so there are two Val McDermid novels waiting to be read as well, and I keep hoping to find another Alex Gray (those are both female authors) to round out my collection, purchased at the local library sale. On another recent trip, to the mall bookstore (I don’t discriminate: big box, corner bookstore, thrift store, yard sales — I take books where I find them), I bought a Stuart McBride novel to see whether I might like to add his novels to my library. Oh, and someone lent me a Jonathan Kellerman a couple of weeks ago.

I think I should rearrange my shelves (again) this weekend. The “already read” books are just all over the place, and I need to arrange them by author. The TBR piles should become one pile. This will necessitate checking all the places around the house I read (translation: every room).

So, what’s on your TBR pile? How do you organize your books? Are you seeing any signs of mulch?