I Dream of Santorini

If you ask anybody else in the world about their dream vacation destination, there’s a good chance they would mention one of the many Caribbean islands. Sun, sea and sand, friendly locals and lots of cultural food sound like the ideal vacay for many. But for a Caribbean national, and a Jamaican at that, those features are a part of our everyday life.

So when I asked my fiancé what his dream vacation was, it came as no surprise when he said Amsterdam. The commercial capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is considered an “alpha world city” and was ranked third in innovation by the Innovation Cities Index in 2009. I have to say, it looks rather impressive, wouldn’t you say? “Alpha world city” — now that’s a title, isn’t it?!

Amsterdam’s lights

Another friend of mine said his dream location is Australia, also known as the “island continent.” Australia has a mix of subtropical rainforests in the northeast, mountain ranges in the south and southeast, and desert or semi-arid lands in the centre, more popularly known as “the outback.” Without mentioning the exotic wildlife and the indigenous culture, Australia gives you that perfect combination of sun, sea and sand in a modernized atmosphere.

Even the kangaroo can’t resist . . . Australia

While I would love to visit both locations listed above and many others — such as Bali, Venice and Alaska, where I could witness 24 hours of sunlight and the northern lights — my dream vacation destination has to be Santorini, an island southeast of the mainland of Greece in the southern part of the Aegean Sea. The island of Santorini was created as a result of an enormous volcanic eruption that created the current caldera of which Santorini is a part.

I learned about Santorini during my thesis research, in which I sought to compare another coastal town with our downtown Kingston. As fortune would have it, Santorini was not a good or equal comparison, but I fell in love with it nonetheless.

Here’s why:

1. The white buildings and the blue roofs; the simplicity and uniformity was attractive from the get-go.

Sunset in Santorini

As an urban planner, the monotony of the white buildings and the harmony of the blue roofs was beyond beautiful to me. I love colour, don’t get me wrong, but to see an entire city in uniform was brilliant and never seen before. In Santorini they even paint their little picket gates blue. Isn’t that cute?!

2. The city’s night lights.
Of course, all cities seem magical at night with all the lights on, but there’s something different about Santorini: the lights seem to reflect more brightly off the white buildings, and the glow from the pools just seems inviting.


Santorini’s night lights

3. The view of the Aegean Sea from the hotel patios, because there has to be a view, right? And theirs is ah . . . mazing!








4. It might be the way the photos are taken, but the sea and pools seem so much bluer than usual, don’t you think?! That blue is unreal!


The very definition of turquoise


So, tell me, where is your dream vacation destination?!

Seriously . . . tell me so I can go look it up and daydream about it too!


Char Lesie