Restaurant Week Review – M10 Bar & Grill


My co-workers and I for the past couple of years have been going to a different restaurant during Restaurant Week, and this year we decided to go to M10 Bar & Grill. A couple of co-workers gave it thumbs-up from previous experiences.

We were given directions to pass Up Park Camp’s Duppy Gate in Vineyard Town in Kingston. We arrived at an industrial-sized gate that, by the looks of things, didn’t seem to have enough parking at 7:30 p.m. There seemed to be a crowd because we could see that there were several cars packed inside. We had a baby in tow and thus were allowed to park inside the premises, although we had to park in front of another vehicle. We were told we would have to move our vehicle when that person was ready to leave; otherwise we would have to park outside on the road.

We entered and were asked whether or not we had a reservation, and then our party of about 14 got seated. The mood was laid-back, casual, and it seemed like a barbecue-type pit stop. White plastic chairs and tables were set with a table lamp or two. Smaller groups had the option of sitting in unique rum-barrel chairs. Even though we called in our order, we had to wait quite a while in between courses. There were lots of patrons, so the wait wasn’t unexpected.


I ordered fried chicken wings as my appetizer, and they were nothing to write home about. I tasted the saltfish fritters, and they were hot and spicy; my co-worker commented that these were the best saltfish fritters he had ever had in his life! They were really good. M10 also had barbecue chicken wings, soup and salad as possible choices.

American pop music played over the speakers, including songs from Bruno Mars and Miley Cyrus. Several patrons seemed to be celebrating birthdays, and we could hear “Happy Birthday” being sung and M10 staff providing slices of birthday cake for the special occasion. There was also a small television by the bar where our #TeamTessanne followers watched to find out whether their “baby girl” got enough votes to move on to the next round of NBC’s “The Voice.”


For my entrée I ordered chicken pasta Alfredo. The meal was small, and I could see only a few small strips of chicken. The pasta was really good, however; I love pasta, and this was done very well. I just wish M10 served a little more — I was still hungry by the time I was done. My co-worker expressed the same sentiment.

M10 also offered steam or esco fish, BBQ spare ribs (half rack), garlic-battered fish fillet, and oxtail and beans. Meals were served with your choice of mashed potatoes, rice and peas/plain rice, fries or bammy. rsz_20131112_201020

I ordered a glass of Woodbridge Mondavi wine, which came just before dessert. They had the usual assortment of juices and cocktails at the bar.

For dessert I ordered the Lovers Special, which was a slice of triple-layered chocolate, red velvet and cheesecake — very thinly sliced, but it was good nonetheless. M10 also offered chocolate mocha cake, Bailey’s cheesecake and potato pudding.

We were offered freshly cut coconut water after the meal as well as a hot cup of coffee served with milk.

All in all, quite tasty. The staff were genuine and friendly. Our server, Peaches, was a gem. I would probably go again on a day outside of Restaurant Week.

Were you at M10 for Restaurant Week?  What was your impression?


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