Tassa Drums, Chutney and Sir Sundar in Fiji

Reposted from Caribbean Lady Gathers Moss


Fiji’s weather has taken a turn for the light, bright and breezy. It’s truly delightful, so tonight I wanted to be easy and breezy too … the long way home, driver, and don’t stop at all! I want to feel the breeze and take in that scent of tropical trees showing off. Sweet, sweet. Big, black cars — old school.

“Where you from, miss?” This is a first in the past month. The longer I stay and the more I travel, it seems I’m picking up something Pacific because lately it’s been, ‘You from Solomon or Vanuatu?’ Tonight, though, it was, “Where you from?” My answer: the Caribbean. … Silence. He was an older Indian gentleman, so I prodded with “the West Indies.” The West Indies?! There are plenty Indians there!!

“Well yes, especially in the country where I was born: Trinidad.”

“What about Tuh-bag-o?”

“Yes, the country is called Trinidad and Tobago: two islands, one country.”

“Ahhh. When I was younger, you see, I used to work in a cassette shop, and there was a cassette there that we loved.”


“Sundar Popo.”

“I know him!!” I slipped across the plastic-covered seats.

“You know him?”

“YES! He’s from my country!” I went on to tell tales of Tassa drums and chutney, African and Indian and Chinese.

“Oh, I love him and that music. Well wherever there was sugar cane … you know, I was playing the tape one day, and there was a woman from Mauritius and she asked me to turn it up. She knew of him too. Ahhh. He’s fantastic. We play that music at weddings here.”

We then both retreated to our visual soundtracks to Sir Sundar.

And just so we were connected.

“I wait till you get inside the gate. Be careful and keep safe.”

And he did.

Man, what happened across the Kali Pani is something too, too sweet.